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Post disaster building management

Following the 2011 Canterbury earthquake the Canterbury Earthquake Royal Commission recommended a series of changes related to rapid building safety evaluations after a disaster such as a major earthquake. We have developed a number of new and updated documents to reflect these recommendations.

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Homeowners and consumers

This section gives you essential information about your rights and responsibilities as you build or renovate. It tells you what you need to do at each step to ensure your building project is done legally, which will help avoid potentially costly mistakes or delays. It also explains how the Act will protect you if things don't go to plan.

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Building owners, managers and developers

The Building Act 2004 sets out duties for building owners, managers and developers. This is particularly so if you are the owner of a communal, commercial or industrial building, or a residential property developer selling property.

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Builders, trades and designers

If you work in the industry, you will know the law around building has changed as a result of the introduction of the Building Act 2004. Though a lot is changing, the basic processes you need to go through on a building project are staying the same. You still need to get a building consent and have the work signed off, and the Building Code is still performance-based.

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Building officials

This section covers a range of topics associated with building officials’ responsibilities in relation to the Building Act.

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