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Maintaining your home: A checklist to help homeowners protect their properties.

Download the Maintaining your home checklist [PDF 109 KB, 4 pages].

Also available in Chinese [PDF 611 KB, 4 pages] and Korean [PDF 568 KB, 4 pages].

Buying a house: A checklist to help home buyers make informed decisions. Download the Buying a house checklist [PDF 111 KB, 4 pages]


The material in this section includes information from the following publication:

essential resources

Consumerbuild website.  ConsumerBuild: Help with building, renovating and maintaining your home.

New Zealand Government website.  Your Council: Look up the contact details of your local council.

Resource Management Act. Information about the Resource Management Act [External website]

Homeowners and consumers

If you are building or renovating, it is likely you will be affected by the Building Act. As the homeowner, it is important you make sure work on your property is done in accordance with the law. It must be done to a good standard for your protection, and to protect people who buy your property in the future.

This section gives you essential information about your rights and responsibilities as you build or renovate. It tells you what you need to do at each step to ensure your building project is done legally, which will help avoid potentially costly mistakes or delays. It also explains how the law will protect you if things don't go to plan.

The Building Act and you:

More information: