The Financial Assistance Package (FAP) to repair and rebuild your property

Under the FAP you (the qualifying homeowner) share the agreed actual repair cost of repairing your home with the government and your local council, if it approved the original work and is participating in the FAP.

The government and council each pay 25 per cent of the repair cost and you pay the remaining 50 per cent. However, if your council didn’t sign off on the building work, or has chosen not to participate in the FAP, you will need to agree to pay 75 per cent of the costs to get payments under the scheme.

To use the FAP, you (the homeowner) must agree not to sue contributing councils and the government, although you can still pursue other liable parties such as builders, developers and manufacturers of defective products.

The FAP offers homeowners the certainty of a financial contribution and helps to get more leaky homes fixed faster.

Repair costs are agreed in the Homeowner Agreement  and can include:

  • the cost of repairs, or demolition and rebuild if that is recommended in the Full or Concise Assessor’s Report
  • associated costs including:
    • design work
    • project management
    • building and resource consent fees
    • valuation fees needed for obtaining a loan
    • alternative accommodation and furniture storage (to a capped maximum)

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An overview of the Financial Assistance Package process

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