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Use the following form when applying for a determination:

Application form [PDF 128 KB, 8 pages]

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A guide to applying for a determination »


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A guide to Building Act determinations »

Determinations under the Building Act

A determination is a binding decision made by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. It provides a way of solving disputes or questions about the rules that apply to buildings, how buildings are used, building accessibility, health and safety.

The law that covers determinations is the Building Act 2004 (sections 176-190). The Act talks about ‘a building consent authority’, ‘a territorial authority’ and ‘a regional authority’. In this section, we call them all ‘the council’.

In this section you will find information about

Advice about leaking houses or apartments

If you have a problem with a leaky house or apartment, and the building is less than 10 years old, you may be able to get help from the Weathertight Services. Read more about Weathertight Services and how its services differ from a determination under the Building Act.

Need help?

If you’re unsure whether applying for a determination is your best option, contact the Determinations Team for further information on 0800 242 243, or email determinations@mbie.govt.nz.