Current consultations

Proposed system to manage buildings and
life-safety risks after a state of emergency

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is proposing amendments to the Building Act to provide a more orderly transition from a state of emergency declared under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 where the scale of building damage and risks is significant.

These amendments are referred to as the Building Act Emergency Management powers and are intended to be used after any type of event, including earthquake, flooding, wind events or volcanic eruption, that have resulted in a state of emergency. 

The key objectives of the powers are to protect people from life-safety and injury risks from buildings after an emergency while minimising disruption of the services provided by buildings.

The powers are discussed under the following key topics:

  • Using the Building Act emergency management powers
  • Powers to assess buildings and restrict access
  • Removing immediate dangers
  • Removing dangers causing significant disruption
  • Removing danger in other situations.

How to make a submission

The proposals document outlines each proposal in more detail  [PDF 714 KB, 38 pages].

Please make your submission online if possible either through the online survey tool  or by downloading the form below and submitting your response to us by email.