House proves a winner

Building an award winning sustainable home is one thing but living in it is the litmus test of success.
Future Homes owner and Master Builder, Alan Baddeley, has done both.

The winner of the 'Department of Building and Housing Sustainable Homes under $500,000' category of the 2008 Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition lived in the 4 bedroom award winning house in Taupo's Acacia Bay for four months before it was sold.

'It was cool in the summer months and, as winter came on, it attained its ambient temperature of between 18 and 23 degrees, within minutes of turning on the heating.'

Current owner Sue Pearce agrees. 'This is such a comfortable house to live in. I'm a painter and I particularly appreciate the clever use of skylights to flood the house with light. They're double glazed so they let in the warmth when the sun is out but keep the cold air out when its not.'

Alan says that keeping the envelope of a house well insulated, making clever use of materials and passive heating sources, like the skylights, minimises energy consumption and leads to a much healthier home.

Which, according to the Department of Building and Housing's Deputy Chief Executive for Building Quality, Dave Kelly, is exactly why the Department is sponsoring the under $500,000 House of the Year category again this year.

'We want kiwis to have good information and examples of how they can build and renovate their homes in a way that's good for them economically and environmentally and Alan Baddeley's home provides that,' he said.

Alan, who is currently building his next show home in conjunction with the Taupo District Council, says the Department's sponsorship of this particular category of the House of the Year competition is particularly important.

'It shows that the Department, as an authoritative sector leader is committed to reducing the running costs of a home by modelling practical solutions and that's great,' he said.

Max the cat.

The Baddeleys' cat Max moved back into the winning house at the first sign of winter

2009 competition

A range of wonderful homes have been entered in the 2009 Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition.

Regional winners will be announced at functions around the country from June to August.

National winners in each category, including the winner of the Department of Building and Housing Sustainable Homes under $500,000 category, will be announced at a gala dinner in Auckland on November 14 2009.