First roofing licensed building practitioners

The first three licensed building practitioners (LBPs) for roofing have now been officially registered - congratulations to Colin Fagg (Hamilton Plumbing Co Ltd), Paul Moffatt (consultant, Nelson) and Richard Powell (Project Roofing Ltd, Hamilton).

Richard (Richie) Powell - supervisor with Project Roofing.

Richard (Richie) Powell is a supervisor with Project Roofing Ltd, where he has worked since 1991. He holds National Certificates in Metal Roof and Wall Cladding and Membrane Roofing, and is also closely involved in skills training. Richie is the 'star' of a new DVD from the Roofing Association, which demonstrates the best way to install metal and translucent roofing materials.

Colin Fagg - director of Hamilton Plumbing Co Ltd.

Colin Fagg is the director of Hamilton Plumbing Co Ltd and has been a registered plumber for over 40 years. Acquiring roofing skills was part of Colin's training during his plumbing and gasfitting apprenticeship. In 1976 he established his own plumbing business and roofing was an integral part of the services offered to clients. Twenty years later Colin purchased Hamilton Plumbing Co Ltd which has a roofing division.

Paul Moffatt - consultant with Contour Roofing Ltd.

Paul Moffatt joined ER Freeman Ltd, Nelson in 1981. In 1993 Paul set up Rainbow Roofing, specialising in restoration and repairs. This business was later absorbed by Contour Roofing Ltd and Paul now works as a consultant. He is an Industry Training Organisation assessor and an LBP roofing assessor for the Department of Building and Housing.

Paul says he welcomes licensing in the roofing industry, which will give roofers the more formal status enjoyed by electricians and plumbers, and provide some control over 'cowboys' in the industry. He sees many problems on roofs that good practice would prevent.

All three roofing candidates say people need to be prepared for the time involved in the application process, given the requirement for referees, photographs and certified copies of various documents.

To remain licensed, LBPs will need to demonstrate they are keeping up with the changing industry and maintaining their skills.

The new roofing LBPs will be promoted to industry and the general public on the Department's Register of Licensed Building Practitioners.

The Department of Building and Housing publishes a wide range of information on the Licensed Building Practitioner Scheme.

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