Learning curve

Free memory jogger training resources

Here are some training resources you can download for free from the Training Academy Online website at www.boinz.org.nz/training-academy/online.phpTenancy Tribunal orders online website.   

  • word puzzles and solutions
  • poster of Building Code clauses
  • Quick Reference Guide to Building Law
  • booklet on building controls activities and games.

Getting Started with the Fire Documents

The Training Academy Online's Getting Started with the Fire Documents course has been designed for people new to Acceptable Solution C/AS1. While it has been designed for building control officials, it is also appropriate for designers, architects and others in the building industry who wish to familiarise themselves with this solution. The course has been designed to provide the underpinning knowledge and understanding for unit standard 24165 and unit standard 24168 for the Diploma in Building Control Surveying (Small buildings).

Course description

The course will give participants an understanding of New Zealand Building Code Clauses C1, C2, C3, C4 and F7, and Acceptable Solution C/AS1 Fire Safety and Verification Method C/VM1 for Solid Fuel Appliances. By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • recall the relevant Building Code clauses for fire safety
  • scope buildings covered in this solution
  • have confidence in dealing with these types of buildings
  • navigate through C/AS1, recall how it works and what is in it
  • follow a plan processing checking sequence
  • apply the requirements of C/AS1 to plan processing scenarios
  • know when to seek advice.

Course modules

  • Part 1: Scope and introduction to the document
  • Part 2: Occupant numbers and purpose groups
  • Part 3: Means of escape
  • Part 4: Requirements for firecells
  • Part 5: Fire resistance ratings
  • Part 6: Control of internal fire
  • Part 7: Control of external fire spread
  • Part 8: Fire fighting
  • Part 9: Outbreak of fire
  • Appendices and tables within the document
  • Separation from boundaries
  • And much, much more...

Who should attend?

  • New building control officers in building consent authorities (BCAs)
  • Staff in BCAs or private firms who wish to familiarise themselves with the Fire Documents
  • Designers, architects, and others in the building industry who wish to familiarise themselves with this Acceptable Solution.

For more information and registration details, go to www.boinz.org.nz/training-academy/calendar.phpTenancy Tribunal orders online website. , or email office@boinz.org.nzTenancy Tribunal orders online website.