New Certificate of Accreditation: Hebel Panel Cladding System

A new cladding system has been approved for use on timber- framed residential and light commercial buildings.

The Department of Building and Housing issued Certificate of Accreditation 2009/01 for the Hebel Panel Cladding (HPC) System on 15 April 2009.

The HPC System is a 75 mm thick, autoclaved aerated concrete wall cladding, fixed to steel battens over timber framing, with a painted textured finish.

The HPC System was accredited by the Department under the provisions of Part VIII 'Accreditation of Building Products and Processes' of the Building Act 1991.

This means the accredited system must now be treated as a certified product under the Building Act 2004 (see section 432(3)).

Certified products must be accepted as complying with the Building Code provided they are used in accordance with the conditions of the Product Certificate (see section 19(1)(d)).

Photo of Hebel Panel cladding Ststem

In this case, the conditions require adherence to:

  • OPUS Central Laboratories Appraisal 2009/10, dated April 2009, Hebel Panel Cladding System.

This Appraisal, in turn, requires adherence to:

  • Hebel Supercrete Panel Cladding Design Manual Part 1 The Hebel Panel Cladding System, identified as HPC 2009/1.

The Certificate of Accreditation is notified on the Department's website (see 'Current product certificates register'), from which the Appraisal and the Design Manual Part 1 can be downloaded.

It is important for those wishing to use the HPC System, and for the building consent authorities checking such proposals, to be fully conversant with these documents and ensure all their requirements are met.

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