Winning design to be built in Mangere

Stephen Smith's winning design

Stephen Smith's winning design

Work is underway to enable the supreme winner of the recent Starter Home Design Competition to be built in Mangere.

Winning architect Stephen Smith of S3 Architects Ltd in Auckland is making final adjustments to his design to suit the particular building site and enable construction to start.

The house will be built by Housing New Zealand Corporation on a corner section at 45 Cottingham Crescent in Mangere, and showcased to the public. Judging panel convenor Gordon Moller said the winning design had a striking contemporary appearance, which means it will fit well into the local environment.

'It is a carefully planned design that will make an excellent starter home.'

The Department of Building and Housing organised the competition to encourage architects, designers, and those in the building industry to come up with designs and solutions for good quality, affordable homes that show what can be done with limited resources. There were 140 entries, and winners were announced in March. With a trend to building larger homes compounding the increasing cost of houses, the competition promoted the use of clever design to create smaller-sized homes that offer quality, affordable options.

The competition had two categories:

Category 1, in which designs had to adhere to the parameters contained in the Department's proposed Compliance Document for simple housing, which includes all the Building Code requirements for this specific building type.

Category 2, which allowed the parameters to be applied more innovatively, but still comply with the Building Code.

Katrina Bach, Department of Building and Housing Chief Executive, said the Department will use the ideas generated by the competition to inform and improve the design guidelines for simple housing.

Designs and floorplans for all winning and shortlisted entries can be seen on the Department's website at