Standards New Zealandwork in progress

Upcoming new Standards and amendments
NZS 4219: 2008 Specification for seismic resistance of engineering systems in buildings
Amendment 1 to NZS 3116: 2002 Concrete segmental paving
Amendment 1 to NZS 4510: 2008 Fire hydrant systems for buildings
AS/NZS 4455.2: 2009 Masonry units, pavers, flags and segmental retaining wall units. Part 2: segmental pavers and flags
New publication
AS/NZS 2754 Adhesives for timber and timber products
AS/NZS 2754.1(Int): 2008 Adhesives for manufacture of plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL)Provides the specifications for adhesives suitable for use in the plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) manufacturing industry. This draft is prepared as an Interim Standard awaiting the outcome of a major research project on new generation adhesives durability currently in progress.Interim Standard - expires on 31 December 2010
Standard withdrawn
NZS/AS 4087: 1996 Metallic flanges for waterworks purposesWithdrawn without replacement
Draft Standard for comment
DZ 3106 Code of practice for concrete structures for the storage of liquidFree to download from SNZ website: revision of the Standard will provide guidance for users to meet the New Zealand Building Code requirements for concrete structures that will store liquid, and would be used regularly by engineers and organisations about to embark on a new storage tank project. The Standard will cover design requirements and guidance, loading requirements, and seismic considerations and allowances.Public comment on this draft closes on 13 February 2009.
Other Standards in development
  Timber framed buildingsCommittee: P3604Project Manager: Mani TaareEstimated Publication Date: 2010Comments: Formation of the leadership group is complete. Now in the process of constitution of the P3604 Technical Committee.
  Revision of NZS 3122: 1995 and NZS 3123: 1974Committee: P3122-3123Project Manager: Mani TaareEstimated Publication Date: August 2009Comments: A project for the amendment of NZS 3122: 1995 Specification for Portland and blended cements (General and special purpose) and revision of NZS 3123: 1974 Specification for Portland pozzolan cement (type PP cement) is currently getting under way and is presently in the early stages of nominating and forming the technical committee.
  Other Standards in development (continued)
  Thermal insulation - Housing and small buildingsCommittee: P4218Project Manager: Sonia van ReeEstimated Publication Date: June 2009
  Revision of NZS 3404 Steel structure - Phases 1, 2 and 3Committee: P3404Project Manager: Jono EastEstimated Publication Date: June 2009Comments: Committee meeting was held in November and the committee have agreed to release Part 1 for public comment. Committee commencing scoping work and revision of Parts 2 to 6.
  Review of domestic wastewater systemsCommittee: WS-013Project Manager: Jono EastEstimated Publication Date: April 2009Comments: The committee is revising AS/NZS1547 draft in light of comments received during the ballot stage. Estimated publication date of April 2009.