Closer alignment with the Australian building codes board

At their latest meeting, in October 2004, members of the Trans-Tasman Building Regulatory Reform Council discussed opportunities for greater alignment of building regulation between New Zealand and Australia.

The Council discussed the possibility for greater alignment of New Zealand's and Australia's Building Codes, given that both countries have performance-based Codes and 30 percent of the Standards are already aligned. Also, both countries are currently going through major reviews of their building regulation Codes.

Discussion focused on the effectiveness of regulation and the capabilities, willingness and capacity of both countries to deliver mutually beneficial programmes. These could include collaborative research and cooperation in international discussions. The Council agreed to alternative structures for progressing future cooperative projects between Australia and New Zealand.

Established structures within which this work would occur include integrating the work of the Council into the full Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Board meeting. This reflects the high level of work under way, the various ways the work is progressing, and the various structures that will support it. In addition, staff from ABCB and the Department will work jointly on Code development, research, product certification and practitioner licensing. We will keep you informed of developments in future editions of Codewords.