Canterbury earthquake: Technical investigation

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Investigation of key building performance

Following the 22 February 2011 Canterbury earthquake the Department of Building and Housing (now part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) commenced a technical investigation to look at the performance of four relatively modern multi-story buildings in the central business district that has serious structural failures. These were the:

  • Pyne Gould Corporation (PCG) building
  • Forsyth Barr building
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor building
  • Canterbury Television (CTV) building.

This investigation is now complete and investigation reports have been published.  

Read the media release about its technical investigation »

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Scope of the technical investigation

The focus of the technical investigation was to look at the structural performance of each building and to identify where possible, the cause or causes of building failures. It was not intended to address issues of culpability or liability. These matters were outside the scope of this investigation.

Expert panel

MBIE appointed leading New Zealand engineering consultants to investigate each of the buildings. It also established an Expert Panel to oversee their work, provide guidance on the methodology of the investigations and peer reviewed the findings.

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Investigation reports

The technical investigation is complete and final reports have been published.

The following reports are available to download:

Expert panel reports

MBIE's reports

Canterbury television (CTV) building investigation reports

PCG Investigation reports

Forsyth Barr investigation reports

Hotel Grand Chancellor investigation reports

Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission of inquiry

The Royal Commission of Inquiry, announced on 14 March 2011, will also take into account, but will not be limited by, the results of the technical investigation.

Contact details for the investigation:

Telephone: 0800 242 243

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