Canterbury earthquake: Technical guidance

This section contain technical guidance for rebuilding and repairing properties in earthquake-affected areas in Canterbury.

This guidance is for people and organisations involved in the Canterbury rebuild such as designers, builders, developers, engineers, architects, building consent authorities (BCAs), project management organisations and insurance companies.

The solutions are not a substitute for the policy that homeowners have with their insurer. Please see the clarification sent in a letter to insurers from MBIE clarifying the role of the guidance in relation to insurance entitlements.

Clarification of the role of the MBIE residential guidance and homeowner insurance policies.
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Step-by-step video guides for builders

These video guides help you to repair, re-level or restore floor structures in earthquake-damaged houses ‘right first time’. They are especially useful for builders working in Canterbury. Watch the videos.

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Residential building repair and reconstruction

Guidance for repairing and rebuilding houses in the Canterbury region following the earthquake sequence.

Guidance tool

A tool to help you navigate the Guidance and understand the key principles.


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Commercial building repair and reconstruction

Guidelines to assist territorial authorities to prepare for and manage the rapid assessment of buildings during a state of emergency.

Read the Commercial building repair and reconstruction guidance »

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Regulatory requirements for temporary worker accommodation

Guidance for building practitioners and project management organisations about the regulatory requirements for worker temporary accommodation.

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Seismic hazard in Canterbury

Information about the increased seismic hazard factor for the Canterbury earthquake region and amendments to the Verification Method B1/VM1.

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Change of Use

Guidance to assist the Christchurch City Council in applying the change of use provisions under the Building Act 2004 when dealing with temporary business and housing relocations.

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Engineering Advisory Group

The group assisting the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBiE) to develop technical information.

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Research trial to test ground improvement options

MBIE recently conducted a research trial in Christchurch to test the feasibility of four ground improvement options for strengthening land that is prone to liquefaction.

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