Canterbury earthquake: Information for homeowners

Building or repairing your home can be a complex process.

We’ve produced guides for Canterbury homeowners to help plan your repair or rebuild. They will help you ask the right questions, rebuild with confidence and ensure your home is built right.

As the homeowner you are responsible for ensuring that any work done on your property complies with the law and is of a good standard.

Guidance issued under section 175 of the Building Act


Repairing and rebuilding multi-unit residential buildings - A guide for homeowners in Canterbury [PDF 1.25 MB, 40 page]
This booklet has been developed to help you progress the rebuild or repair of your multi-unit property.

Rebuild with confidence – A guide for homeowners in Canterbury [PDF 1.9 MB, 40 pages]
This booklet gives an overview of the process, but does not cover all the rights and responsibilities involved.

Download information sheets

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Renting out a property with earthquake damage

If the property you own or live in has been damaged in a natural disaster – such as an earthquake, a storm or a flood – you’ll probably need to deal with repairs.

Repairs after a natural disaster on the website provides important information for you.

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