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Building Regulations

Building regulations form an important part of New Zealand’s building controls.

Building regulations are made under and in accordance with the Building Act 2004 (the Act). The type of regulations that can be made, including the process that must be followed when creating new regulations are given in sections 400-415 of the Act.

The Building Regulations 1992, and subsequent amendments, were made under the Building Act 1991 but are now treated as if they were regulations made under the Act. However, the majority of the 1992 Regulations were revoked on 31 March 2005 by the Building (Forms) Regulations 2004. The only part of the 1992 Regulations continuing in force is Schedule 1[External link] containing the Building Code.

  • The Building Act sets out the law on building work.
  • The Building Code sets out performance standards that all building work must meet. It covers aspects such as structural stability, fire safety, access, moisture control, durability, services and facilities. All building work must comply with the Building Code.

Building Regulations made under the Act

To date, the following regulations have been made under the Act.

Building Consent Authorities

Licensed Building Practitioner Regulations