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Consumerbuild website.  ConsumerBuild: Help with building, renovating and maintaining your home.

New Zealand Government website.  Your Council: Look up the contact details of your local council.

External website. Information about the Resource Management Act External website.

Building law and compliance

Building law in New Zealand

New Zealand's legislation governing building work (collectively known as the ‘building controls’) consist of the Building Act 2004, the Building Regulations 1992, and the Building Code, which is the First Schedule to the Building Regulations 1992. All building work must comply with the Building Code. Other regulations under the Building Act 2004 cover related matters, such as when a building is considered to be ‘earthquake-prone’.

The Building Act applies mainly to the physical aspects of building work. Other legislation may also apply to building proposals, the ongoing use of a building, consumer protection, and the health and safety of people working in buildings.

Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods

These are issued by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and provide one way of complying with the Building Code.

Alternative solutions

An alternative solution is a building design solution that differs from those contained in an Acceptable Solution or Verification Method, but is accepted by a building consent authority as meeting the performance requirements of the Building Code.

Building consents and inspections process

The consents and inspections process ensures that building work complies with the Building Code.  This means that the building is considered safe, durable and will not pose foreseeable risk to the health and safety of either the current users or those who may buy and use the property in the future.

Restricted Building Work

Restricted Building Work can only be carried out by Licensed Building Practitioners or those deemed to be licenced.

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