Building A-Z

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About this A-Z

The building A-Z glossary covers commonly-used terms in the industry, with the focus on terminology used in the regulation of building work in New Zealand.

Its purpose is firstly to give a definition of the term. Where possible, definitions are repeated from core regulatory documents, such as the Building Act and Building Code, but with rewriting in some instances to make the terminology more accessible to people without industry experience. The second purpose of this A-Z is to provide links to further information either this website or on other websites.

It is not a comprehensive glossary of all the building-related terms you might come across. Other glossaries are available, for example at Consumerbuild [External website]


This A-Z is intended to provide general information for the public on the building terminology used in New Zealand. It must not be used as a substitute for specific definitions in legal and core regulatory documents.

While the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has taken care in preparing the A-Z, the A-Z is not a substitute for professional legal advice.

The fact that this A-Z provides links to other websites does not imply that the MBIE approves or endorses any information on those other websites or any views expressed on them.