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The Building Act Link to the Legisation website. is available from the New Zealand Legisation website.

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The following publications contain the latest information about changes under the Building Act.

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The Building Act and you

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Homeowners and consumers

If you are building or renovating, you will be affected by the Building Act. As the homeowner it is important you make sure work on your property is done in accordance with the law, which ensures a good standard for your protection, and to protect people who buy your property in the future.

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Building owners, managers and developers

The Building Act sets out duties for building owners, managers and developers. This is particularly so if you are the owner of a communal, commercial or industrial building, or a residential property developer selling property.

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Builders, tradespeople and designers

If you work in the industry, you will know the law around building has changed as a result of the Building Act 2004. Though a lot is changing, the basic processes you need to go through on a building project are staying the same. You still need to get a building consent and have the work signed off, and the Building Code is still performance-based.

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Building officials

This section covers a range of topics associated with building officials’ responsibilities under the Building Act.

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