Occupational Licensing

Occupational Licensing
This output class involves the design, establishment and maintenance of the occupational licensing regime for building practitioners under the Building Act 2004. It also involves advising on the efficient and effective regulation of trades and professions operating within the building and housing sector.
Key Business Strategies

The key business strategies in this output class are to:

  • determine the licensing classes and associated competence and assessment processes
  • appoint the Licensed Building Practitioners Board
  • develop, and begin to implement, a project plan that includes the identification of underpinning infrastructural requirements
  • develop, and begin to implement, a communication and stakeholder management strategy
  • begin the process of developing the rules and regulations for occupational licensing of building practitioners as required under the Building Act 2004.


Service Performance
Deliverable Performance to 30 June 2005

Occupational Licensing - Building Practitioners Licensing Regime

  • Proposed licensing system

A Cabinet paper was presented in May proposing restricted building work and licence classes relating to structure and envelope. This was noted and the Department asked to explore the practical implications and the likely costs and benefits of implementing the proposals. Key stakeholders have been advised that this work is being done and that an announcement can be expected later in the year

Work to explore possible licence classes for people who install internal systems, and people currently employed as Independently Qualified Persons (IQPs) was initiated

A system of categorising buildings to align with the proposed licence classes has been developed

  • Appointment to, and monitoring of, the Building Practitioners Board
The eight members of the inaugural Building Practitioners Board were appointed by the Governor-General in June. Planning commenced for the Board induction meeting to be held on 3 and 4 August 2005
  • Develop user requirements for a national register of builders and designers
Commenced planning for the development of operational systems including the national register in 2004/05. User requirements are due to be completed in July 2006
  • Develop and implement a communication strategy for builders and designers on the new licensing regime

Communications strategy developed by 30 May 2005. This strategy will be fully implemented once the Licensed Building Practitioner Scheme is approved by the government

Initial implementation has included:

  • advising contributors to the consultation on licensing of the outcome of that consultation
  • regularly updating the website to keep the information current
  • moving the 0800 freephone service from the Ministry of Economic Development's Contact Centre to the Department's call centre
  • Develop associated regulations
Regulatory design is under way. Completion of this task is reliant on government decisions on the proposed licensing system. Current expectation is that rules and regulations will be developed by 30 June 2006

Occupational Licensing - Other Occupational Licensing Regimes

including the monitoring of the:

  • Architects Education and Registration Board
  • Architects Investigations Committee
  • Chartered Professional Engineers Council
  • Engineers Associates Registration Board
  • Registered Architects Board

As at 30 June, the Department had met either formally or informally with all of the groups being monitored

The Department commenced development of an Occupational Licensing Board evaluation framework to monitor board performance. This is due to be completed by 31 December 2005. This will include review and update of performance agreements

During the period to 30 June, a particular focus was placed on establishing the Registered Architects Board and making reappointments to the Architects Education and Registration Board and the Architects Investigations Committee, and putting transitional arrangements in place for these two groups for their last year of operation

Group appointments/reappointments
Four members were reappointed to the Architects Education and Registration Board until the Board is disestablished on 30 June 2006. All three members of the Architects Investigation Committee were also reappointed for the same period

One member was reappointed to the Chartered Professional Engineers Council, for a term of 3 years

Candidates were selected for appointment to the Registered Architects Board, and these recommended members were approved by Cabinet for a 1 July start, when the relevant section of the Registered Architects Act comes into force

Nominations were received for the Engineering Associates Registration Board


Financial Performance (figures exclusive of GST)
Crown - - - -
Departmental 1 - 6 -
Other - - - -
Total Revenue 1 - 6 -
Total Expenses 1,278 - 1,929 -
Net surplus/(deficit) (1,277) - (1,923) -

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