Purchase and Monitoring - Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC)

This output class involves the provision of purchase and monitoring advice in relation to Housing New Zealand Corporation.

Key Business Strategies

The key business strategy in this output class is to ensure high-quality, evidence-based advice is provided to Ministers on Housing New Zealand Corporation's activities and on the performance of these activities.

Service Performance

Deliverable Performance to 30 June 2005
Ministerial satisfaction is assessed through a structured discussion with the Minister. This will include performance on quality standards agreed with the Minister It was originally intended that ministerial satisfaction would be assessed through a structured discussion with the Minister. This was superseded by the formation of the Department. Instead, the Department met with the Minister of Housing to discuss and agree amendments to the way in which it monitored HNZC
Negotiation of a 2005/08 Statement of Intent for HNZC that Ministers are satisfied is aligned with the government's goals by 30 June 2005 Completed

Joint advice on the SOI, from the Department and Treasury, was provided to Ministers on 20 June 2005

Negotiation of a work programme for the delivery of policy advice and research by HNZC that Ministers are satisfied is aligned with the government's goals by 30 June 2005 Not yet complete

HNZC provided a proposed policy, research and evaluation work programme in July 2005. The Department is working with HNZC to co-ordinate respective work programmes

Provision of four reports to Ministers with analysis of HNZC's quarterly performance within 10 working days of receipt of the HNZC's quarterly performance information Completed

Three of the four reports were provided within 10 working days of receipt of HNZC's quarterly performance information. The fourth report was provided on the 11th working day

Development of an annual expectation letter to the Chair of HNZC on behalf of the Ministers by 31 January 2005 Completed

The HNZC Letter of Expectations was completed and signed out by Ministers on 11 April 2005

Provision of ownership advice to the Ministers as required Ongoing

In addition to ownership advice on HNZC's quarterly reports and Statement of Intent development, covered above, the Department has provided input into advice to Ministers on HNZC's long-term capital requirements

Provision of purchase advice on housing funding proposals to the Minister of Housing in a timely manner Ongoing

Advice provided as required including on:

  • updated financial delegations to administer non-departmental expenses within Vote: Housing
  • budget initiatives process for Vote: Housing, including identification of options for deferring and/or reducing capital expenditure
Completion of an independent review of the income-related rent setting and reimbursement processes in conjunction with HNZC by 30 June 2005 Completed

Final version of the report was received on 27 June 2005

Ongoing management of the HNZC Board appointment process Ongoing

During 2004/05, three appointments and two re-appointments to the Board were made

Administration of the Crown's income-related rents agreement with HNZC, including forecasting of income-related rents and reimbursement of the cost of providing income-related rents to qualifying tenants Ongoing

Financial Performance (figures exclusive of GST) 2005
Crown 393 1,670 393 511
Departmental 6 7 7 1
Other - - - -
Total Revenue 399 1,677 400 512
Total Expenses 361 1,677 400 507
Net surplus/(deficit) 38 - - 5

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