BC Update 175: Release of two practice advisories for design

Posted: 27 January 2016

BC Update
MBIE has released two practice advisories in response to the need for more collaboration in building design and the need for improved quality assurance in design and construction.

This Building Controls Update is a periodic news bulletin for the building sector.

The new Practice Advisories are:

Practice Advisory 15 promotes the need to collaborate early in the design process and to remind designers of good practice such as ensuring continuous load paths and deformation compatibility. It is particularly aimed at structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, architects, designers, project managers, building owners, building systems and services engineers.

Practice Advisory 16 promotes the need for a sound quality assurance system. It covers quality documents such as design features reports and process such as peer review and construction monitoring.  It is particularly aimed at structural engineers, geotechnical engineers and building consent authorities.

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