MBIE publishes Alternative Solution Guidance for NZ Building Code clause C

Posted: 30 July 2018

Building Controls Update 235
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MBIE has released guidance to help you develop alternative solutions for complying with the performance requirements of New Zealand Building Code clauses C1-C6 Protection from Fire (the fire clauses).

The guidance covers:

  • alternative solutions and where they fit in the building regulatory system
  • what the New Zealand Building Code Protection from Fire clauses require
  • types of alternative solution suitable for fire design
  • safety margins.

It will be of interest to fire engineers and designers developing alternative solutions, as well as regulatory stakeholders (territorial authorities, building consent authorities (BCAs), Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ), regulatory reviewers) and others considering alternative solutions for these clauses.

Background to the guidance

In 2012 a new set of compliance documents for New Zealand Building Code Part C Protection from Fire were published. The Acceptable Solutions and Verification Method were considered suitable for most fire designs.

In 2014, MBIE undertook a review of the 2012 regulatory reform. Sector feedback noted that alternative solutions were critical for good fire safety design, and asked that MBIE develop guidance on how to develop an alternative solution for fire.

Read the guidance MBIE developed with the sector. Alternative solutions for Building Code clause C Protection from Fire.

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